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Who we are?

FastEssay is a custom essay writing company that offers the best quality and quick essay writing services. We have partnered with professional writers who have been in the industry for a long time and have what it takes to deliver an excellent paper that guarantees an A for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced writers that have the highest satisfaction rates

Over the years, our writers have perfected the art of research and writing. Our testimonials reveal that clients have the highest satisfaction rates because of the ability of our writers. Our experienced writers will ensure that you are satisfied with the paper, by meeting all required standards. Every minute bit of instruction will be followed so that our clients attain the highest grade.

  • Security, confidentiality, and money back guaranteed

We guarantee security for your payments and offer a money back guarantee when your requirements are not met. This is an incentive for us to ensure that we meet all the specifications and standards of the paper so that the client is satisfied. Honesty is one of our policies that we hold in high regard. The client can thus trust us with their work and money since we guarantee a return of the pay if the job i9s not done to satisfaction

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Why our writing services are the best?

Custom Essays

We will craft your paper from scratch and according to your specific needs and academic rules. You are guaranteed not to find a similar essay anywhere since we ensure that you acquire a paper that is unique to your instructions. The client can thus have the confidence that their paper is custom made, with zero plagiarism.

24/7 support

Sometimes, students forget about their assignments until it is too late. However, our company ensures that you can connect with our staff any time of day to put up your order. The client can reach us to us at any time of day or night, and we will be glad to take up their order and tackle it to their satisfaction. Any time is good for us as we are bent on ensuring that all your writing needs are met.

On time delivery

In the modern day, students are faced with many challenges. Some have to work part-time so that they can make ends meet while still in school. This significantly reduces the time they have to complete their assignments on time. At FastEssay, we solve that problem for you. You need not worry as your paper will always be done on time. The deadline that you have specified will be met unconditionally to ensure your satisfaction. Our writers are experienced and thus do their work quickly, granting you more time to engage in other activities. The client can trust that we will deliver their work, thus granting them more time to take on other important activities.

Urgent papers

Most times, students find that they have urgent assignments which may be troublesome for them. In situations such as these, some panic and try to copy other people’s work, which culminates in a failure on their part. Our company is the place to go for such perilous times. Our experienced writers will quickly tackle your urgent papers and ensure that you have them back on time so that you can beat any deadlines given. Over time, our writers have learned to handle pressure thus can tackle urgent papers with the highest success rates.

Disciplined writers

Discipline is key to the success of many ventures in life. Without discipline, rarely will anyone go far in life or achieve any level of success. At FastEssay, we uphold this virtue and ensure that the discipline of each writer is beyond question. Discipline ensures that they meet all the deadlines while attending to every minute bit of instruction to ensure your satisfaction. Furthermore, discipline also ensures that the writer does not plagiarize work but delivers custom made content.

Plagiarism free work

In the writing profession, the greatest vice is plagiarism. Institutions of higher learning detest this vice and have high penalties for those found plagiarizing other persons work. Our seasoned and professional writers ensure that your paper will have zero plagiarism and will only be unique to itself. We utilize quality software that helps in identifying any plagiarized detail that the writer may have skipped. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that your paper will not have the slightest hint of plagiarism.


One factor that sets our company apart from other companies is specialization. We do not just generalize our writers but categorize them in regard to their subject of specialization. Our writers have specialized in various fields and subjects to ensure that we can offer the best services to our clients. Each writer has a subject of specialization which they regularly work on thus ensuring that at the end of the day, quality is maintained. The advantage of this is that our writers are knowledgeable about their subjects of specialization which help them to tackle papers successfully.

What we strive for?

  • Timely delivery of client’s papers- To us, time is of the essence. We know that the client’s deadline is important to them and thus we strive to keep and meet this deadline at any cost. Our writers will burn the midnight oil just to ensure that the client receives the work on time. We are never late on delivery but will deliver the paper before the deadline so that the client can have time to go through it.
  • Writing authentic and non-plagiarized papers- Our Company has adopted a no plagiarism policy. We have zero tolerance rates on plagiarism and highly penalize any writer caught up in the vice. Our editors ensure that work is not plagiarized before it is sent to the client.
  • The development of unique high-quality papers- Quality is key for us and we will deliver the highest quality work. We have no room for mediocrity and shoddy work. Our writers are highly trained and have the experience to deliver exemplary work that will guarantee our client the highest possible mark.
  • Creating a positive public image- we work to create a positive public image by sustaining the highest level of quality. We ensure that our name is not stained in the mud of plagiarism or any other vice in the writing industry.
  • Providing our writers with many options for their professional development- we train our writers and provide them with many opportunities that can foster their growth in fast essay writing services.

Different subjects we tackle


Our law experts will ensure that they complete your paper for you. We have writers that have specialized in this subject thus our clients can have the confidence to trust us with their paper. Our company and staff never bargain on quality and thus you can be guaranteed that all your desires will be met


Writing a literature essay is sometimes difficult especially if you fail to read the book. Our professional writers will write the essay for you.


We also complete nursing papers with the highest chance of success. Get our essay help and our experts will solve any writing problem on this subject


Writing a sociology essay requires a specific skill that our writers have. Once you order this essay on our site, we write it according to standard and academic rules, ensuring that you acquire a straight A.


Our specialists in this subject will write your paper and guarantee you an A.


Our site partners with scholars who have writing inconveniences. We will deliver a unique paper in business if you choose us. We handle all term paper writing services

Our Writers

Our writers save you from the consequences and embarrassment of failing to complete your assignments on time or meet the instructions by your professors and school. The company will choose a writer that has a degree in a field which is directly related to your academic task to write your paper. This will ensure that the writer is knowledgeable in the subject thus guaranteeing success.

Since our writers have much experience, it will be as if a tutor is doing your assignment. Our writers do not just work to make money but to ensure the satisfaction of the clients. A satisfied customer is the greatest motivation for us and our team of writers. Most of our attention is on the quality and impact that their work will have on your academic grades. Any writer at FastEssay will write an outstanding paper that doubles up as a reference on how to write a proper academic assignment that impresses the faculty to award best grades. Our professional writers provide guiding values on how to write dissertations in an appropriate language for the respective discipline. When you review work by our professional writers, you will guarantee that the vocabulary, grammar, citation, and formatting are all of the highest class.

We have skilled essay writers to complete orders within a short time and at the same time impress instructors with unique content supporting your position regarding the essay topic. Our writer will develop an informative piece without any unrelated details. Someone with training in a field relating to your essay topic takes up the work to complete faster and get good grades.


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