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Actually, it is very easy to create a fast essay, as you need just know some techniques, which will help you on your way towards achieving your purpose.
The following information will help you to write your fast essay. You can use it to create various types of written assignments. Also, you can surely use it to build fiction; it is handy to come up with character plot and motivation.
You should start writing your fast essay with a topic, compressed to one word, for instance “orange.” Then, spend about ten minutes by free writing about the fruit, but you need to write as fast as you can with no thinking and taking the pencil from the paper. You must not return to reread or correct grammar or typos. After ten minutes, you should read what you have just written, and underline interesting words, phrases, and sentences.
Then you need to select one item (sentence, phrase, or word) you have underlined, and spend additional ten minutes by free writing about it.
At the end, you will have several pages of material. Most of its worthless, but that is good. Underline the interesting stuff, and write down to a blank sheet of paper.
You will see that at this stage, you do not have a premise, theme, angle, or slant. Though, you will have sufficient material for you to ask some questions. Jot down provocative ones.
Now you should look for new material to find answer to those questions. When you are creating for publication, you can do research reading or interview primary sources. When you are writing about oranges, depending upon which publication you were creating for, you could interview nutritionists, orchardists, horticulturists, or gene scientists.


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