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PitchInvestors is a B2B company developing a banking platform that automates deal origination, business valuation, deal matching, and the introduction of businesses and investors. The company connects business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and lenders.

About Us

About Us

PitchInvestors is a platform that connects business owners with potential investors. The goal is to provide a space where business owners can showcase their businesses and pitch their ideas to a community of investors, who are looking for new investment opportunities. With PitchInvestors, business owners can reach a wider audience of investors, increase their chances of securing investment, and grow their businesses. The platform also provides valuable resources and tools to help business owners refine their pitches and effectively communicate the potential of their businesses to investors. Whether you're an entrepreneur with a new startup idea, or an established business looking to expand, PitchInvestors is a valuable resource for accessing investment and growing your business.


Mission Statement: At PitchInvestors, our mission is to empower small businesses in Africa by connecting them with a network of potential investors and financial resources. We aim to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to take their businesses to the next level and to create a thriving ecosystem that supports economic growth and sustainable development in the region.


Vision Statement: Our vision is to become the leading platform for small business growth in Africa, by creating a supportive community where entrepreneurs and investors can connect, collaborate, and drive progress. We aspire to play a key role in the economic development of Africa by fostering innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, and providing access to capital and resources. By supporting small businesses and investing in the future, we aim to help build a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.

Message from our CEO

PitchInvestors is a result of my lifelong desire to create a company focused on helping SMEs grow.

In Kenya and by extension Africa, Micro, Small and Medium Size Enterprises (MSMEs) contribute hugely to the economy. They employ 74% of the country's working population and contribute 54% to the country’s GDP. One of the biggest challenges faced by MSMEs is the lack of capital to properly manage their working capital and invest in fixed capital for growth. As a result, they fail to grow and many times are forced to close down. The other challenge comes with poor financial management and planning. Given that most MSMEs are managed by individuals with no financial background and who can hardly afford to employ one full-time accountant or financial analyst. Many fail to plan well and develop realistic budgets that cover areas such as tax, working capital and CAPEX.

PitchInvestors aims to help MSMEs tackle these two problems. The platforms connect investors looking for an investment opportunity to investments. This way, the MSMEs can access the capital needed to run their operations and expand. The platform also connects qualified financial advisors to MSMEs on a freelance contract. This helps MSMEs get the needed financial advice to help them better plan and manage their finances. We truly believe that the value we create extends beyond the success of MSMEs, but to the economy as a whole. This is the true power of technology.

Ochieng Rodgers

Founder & CEO