Atlantic Cape Community College Da Vinci Mona Lisa Analysis


This is the fourth of five (5) formal analysis exercises designed to better prepare you for your final Formal Analysis FINAL Paper (Learning Project #7) at the end of the semester. This exercise is the second of three that will help you prepare for your Final Formal Analysis Paper. The painting (and artist) that you pick for Formal Analyses Exercises 3-5 (Assignments 9, 12, and 15) will help you gather all the material you need for your Final Formal Analysis Paper (Learning Project #8). If you complete these exercises thoroughly, your final paper will be a much better paper. (HINT: It is best to word process these exercises so that you can copy and paste Assignment 12, if done properly into your final paper and clean it up.) You can view a student sample by clicking next on the action menu at the top of this screen.


You have already answered Parts I, II, III, IV and V in Assignment 9, Formal Analysis Exercise #3.

Using the YOUR ASSIGNED ARTIST AND THE SAME WORK of art that you chose for Assignment 9, Formal Analysis Exercise #3 please answer the following questions in Part VI and Part VII.

This particular exercise may involve a trip to the library or a visit to a few Web sites You must do research to knowledgeably answer the questions and your sources must be cited in your bibliography in the Final Formal Analysis Paper. Before you begin, please make sure you review the document on the home page that addresses important information before you research. See HINTS in Discussions too.

Review the student sample and Scoring Guide before beginning this assignment.

NO WIKIPEDIA! NO large blocks of quotes or word swaps. TURNITIN picks all that up.

Part VI – The Art Object’s Historical Data of Its Culture and Time Period (Answer the three parts of question A):
A. Identify and briefly describe the art object relationship to its culture and time period within three (3) or more well considered paragraphs*.
NOTE: WIKIPEDIA IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SOURCE. Please find other, more valid resources.
When doing so consider the following aspects in your written response:

1. Research the history of the place the artist was working. This is generic historical information ABOUT THE COUNTRY in which they lived and worked. Not clear about the country you should be researching? Ask for help!

For example, if the artist is Michelangelo, you would be researching Italy in the time of the Renaissance. You are to research the following aspects of the place and time in which YOUR chosen artist was working. Present an overview of the

  • social
  • economic
  • ideological
  • religious
  • political structure or activities

in the time (era) and place (country) where your artist was working. Remember this is generic historical information gathered from research. Do not copy and paste from the Web. Put the information you gather in your own words and add a parenthetical citation.

2. In the era in which your artist was working what technological or scientific activities or advances occurred? These can be global or local advances in science, technology or engineering that impact the quality of living and provide advancements in society.

3.What was the role and function of artists
in general in the time period and cultural setting during the time your artist was working.

See the student sample!

*REMINDER: Please note, in this course, a well considered paragraph minimally has a topic sentence with four (4) or more sentences that are both logical in content and correct in writing mechanics and style.

Part VII – The Art Object’s Auto/Biographical Data of the Artist/School (Answer the three parts of Question B):

B. Identify and briefly discuss the artist biographical data or school that produced the art object within three (3) or more well considered paragraphs.

NOTE: WIKIPEDIA IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SOURCE. Wikipedia information is scored at zero (see syllabus). Please find other, more valid resources.

When doing so consider the following aspects in your written response:

1. Provide an auto/biographical sketch of the your chosen artist. Include birth, death and major career milestones.

2. Discuss the specific cultural context in which the art object was produced. What was happening at that time in terms of literature, theater, music (and film if applicable)?

3. Explain the art object’s place in the history of art in terms of its artistic style. Was your artist part of a major art movement or trend? (Baroque, Pop Art Impressionism…the ISM or era!) What were the characteristics of this art movement or trend and how is this reflected in your artist’s work? What other artists were working in this art movement or era?

NOTE: All of this information is research-based. Please make sure that you keep meticulous track of your resources. Consider inserting parenthetical citations with this assignment instead of adding them later which is a considerable amount of back-tracking. DO NOT COPY and PASTE FROM THE WEB! Please gather information and put it in your own words – called paraphrasing. Though paraphrased, all information from this assignment must be cited.

Large blocks of quotes are scored at ZERO!

*REMINDER: Please note, in this course, a well-considered paragraph minimally has a topic sentence with four (4) or more sentences that are both logical in content and correct in writing mechanics and style.

  • Document: Important Information Before You Research (home page)
  • HINTS for LP4 in Discussions
  • The Student Sample in this Learning Project
  • The documents on the Home Page about researching and parenthetical citations!
  • The Scoring Guide (home page)
IF DONE WELL, this assignment can be recycled into the FINAL PAPER!

Scoring Guide for Assignment 12

Assignment #12 (final paper research component)
Formal Analysis #4
Historical Data (Part A)
  • Clearly researched overview of social, economic, ideological, religious, and political structures of the TIME AND PLACE in which the chosen art work was created and artist lived and was working – address all through research! (Up to 20 points)
  • Clearly researched overview of technological or scientific activities and advances – address through research. (Up to 5 points)
  • Clearly researched role and function of artists of the time period – address through research. (Up to 5 points)
Biographical Data (B)
  • Biographical Sketch of Artist or School – address through research (Up to 10 points)
  • Cultural context of object produced (literature, music, theater, film if applicable) – address through research (Up to 5 points)
  • Art objects place in art history, its era or art movement – address through research (Up to 5 points)
For both parts A and B:
  • Parenthetical citations in proper format after EACH paraphrased passage – NO QUOTES! (Up to 5 points)
    NOTE: It is best to try to write them correctly now. For each missing or incorrect parenthetical citation in final papers it is -5 point EACH. Please use the guide to write these to help prepare for final papers.
  • Spelling and grammar (Up to 5 points). More than 5 errors, more points will be deducted.

    ASSIGNMENT 12s that are done properly and correctly can be recycled into the final paper which will save you time at the end of the course.

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