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Case Study #1 slp 4

Apple and Samsung are often mentioned together, as they are both world leading producers of smartphones.  However, they are much different companies in a variety of ways.  Carefully review the background readings concerning diversification and vertical integration.  Then do some extensive research on Samsung and Apple concerning their diversification and vertical integration strategies. Case Assignment […]

A Critical Examination of the Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions by the Arab League: A Case Study of Economic Sanctions Against Syria

A Critical Examination of the Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions by the Arab League:  A Case Study of Economic Sanctions Against Syria     Chapter One: (20-25 pages)   (A) Introduction: The Arab League(AL) and Economic sanctions(ES). Introduce the Arab League and Economic sanctions(ES) in general for Two pages or more. why AL used ES? When […]

Virtual Class Assignment

Part 1: As a follow-up to watching the online video lecture (Lesson 11 under Module Week 8), find a professional website that you think needs improvement (include the link). Prepare an evaluation concerning its usability, content, writing, etc., and suggest ways to overcome the problems you have identified. You need to include at least two […]

Module 1 – Assignment – Market Research and Segmentation

The External Environment – Data Gathering Search the Web and gather relevant general information regarding hospitals for seniors and direct data pertaining to the external environment of the proposed GAH The proposed points below are just “starter points” for you to expound upon and add to as you see fit. Common medical conditions of seniors: […]


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