Histograms quantitative and qualitative data

1.1. List two examples of interval data (quantitative data).

2.2. List two examples of nominal (qualitative data).

3.3. Describe the concept of skewness. How can the data be skewed?

4.4. Frequency Distributions (Age of family members)

Use the following set of data and use Microsoft Excel:

3, 12, 25, 52, 1, 19, 41, 56, 32, 41, 12, 51, 3, 5, 19, 34, 58, 17, 54, 16, 0, 42, 59, 50, 13, 7, 9, 51, 48, 37, 14, 6, 51, 56, 40, 43, 48

a. Using the range of 0 to 59, create 6 classes and list the classes.

b.Determine the class width.

c.Create a frequency distribution table.

5.5. Histograms

Use the data and information from question #4:

a. Create a histogram.

b. Is the histogram symmetric or does it have skewness and if so, what type?

c.What type of modality does the histogram seem to have?

6.6. Graphs

Use the data and information from question #4:

a. Create a pie chart.

b.Create a line chart.

c.If you were using a chart to best show the ages of your family, what type would you think best summarizes the ages?

7. Describe the concept that you had the most difficulty understanding. How does it apply to being a manager in your chosen field?

Record your answers to these questions in a Word document and submit as described below.

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