Human Recourse

I have to done this stuff to get manual . Please follow the syllabus and files with the website which I submit . If you have any Questions please let me know .

Am caught up with work, the class is about you.

There are jobs best suited for your personality type, ask your family and friends about your weaknesses and strengths that they know .P:7

Take the questionnaire to find which is important to you when deciding a choice for career. p:16-17-18 .It’s 40 questions, the results will tell you which of the areas you want most.Page 16/17 is a typical resume for a hrd specialist. Your key competencies after graduation.You can use it on your resume/cv .

I submit my friend’sCV to understand what I need for this assignment. You can get my information on the bottom


Hi my name is Sarah . I am from Saudi Arabia. I was born in 1976, in a small tiny village. I have 7 siblings, I am the 3 oldest one between them and the oldest female. Because I was the oldest female I needed to learn how to cock so I can help my mother. I started school when I was 7 and I graduated from high school when I was 18. After I graduated from high school, I went to university, a college that’s far from my village, because it’s the closest college that have an English literature. I graduated from college when I was 22 years old. I married when I was 24 years old. After I married, me and my husband went to a city that city have my husbands job. I started teaching English for elementary school. Then, my first child was born so I had to take a break from my job. After my child was born I got back to my job. After several years I started teaching high school. In 2006 my second child was born he is a male like his big brother. And then my first daughter was born, After several years, my husband got promoted so we had to go to a new city. After two years of teaching in that city, I completed 10 years of teaching. At the same year as when I completed 10 years of teaching, my second daughter was born. After 6 years I got new son. After four months, me and my whole family went to U.S.A, for learning. This year I started university again, so I can get my master degree in English.


I want to get master degree as fast as possible, because I have some work back in my country. My biggest dream is that my children would learn English so they can get a better chance of getting a good job. I hope that some day me and my husband will start business. Get promoted in my job. Build a big house. Open a school for learning English in my country. I dream about accomplishing my goals.


Not get my masters degree. fear that the government will not exept scholar ship. Ialways feel something bad will happen to my family. I get nightmares about not accomplishing my goals.


Bachelors degree in English literature

Work to help talented students for three years .

Got Tessol programfrom international language institute in D.C for teaching English as a second language

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