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What are the business costs or risks of poor data quality?

Poor quality of information may incorporate a few dangers and outcomes that influence the development and improvement of an organization. Low quality of information may direct to lost deals, and some different chances, flawed systems, resources misallocation, record stages might be inaccurate, and exchange may turn out to be extremely irritated (Borek, Parlikad, Webb, and Woodall, 2013). Poor information quality may likewise prompt reputational harm. This can sort from little to extensive collective relations disaster. These catastrophes happen each day and influence total association (McGilvray, 2008). Botched chances and occasions is another enormous danger of poor information quality. Here and there the absence of permeability likewise turns into a major issue because of poor information quality (Haug, Zachariassen, and Liempd, 2011).

2.What is data mining?

Data mining is the procedure of sorting during large data set to recognize patterns and ascertain relationships to resolve various problems and issues through data analysis. Data mining process also enables an organization to forecast future trends (Han, Pei, & Kamber, 2011). Data mining parameter comprises path or sequence analysis, Clustering, Classification, and Forecasting. The concept named data mining is used in numerous extents, for example, mathematics, cybernetics, genetics, and advertising (Aggarwal, 2015). Data mining confirmation on chronological trade pattern and customer behaviors can be used to outline forecast simulation for upcoming sales, new services and products (Zaki, Meira, Jr, & Meira, 2014). Data mining also provides automatic estimations by behavior and trend analysis.

3.What is text mining?

Text mining is a process of recognizing collections of textual information to confine major themes and concepts and expose hidden trends and relationships without requiring that you know the exact terms or words that authors have used to articulate those concepts. Text mining process is used to extract meaningful data from natural verbal text (Weiss, Indurkhya, Zhang, & Damerau, 2010). Text mining is the process of inspecting large gathering of written properties to generate new information and data and to convert the formless text into organized data for further analysis and exploration (Talib, Hanif, Ayesha, & Fatima, 2016). The main objective of text mining is to recognize, assertions, relationships, and facts

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