M07 discussion

M07 : Lesson 1 Discussion

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As stated in our text (pg. 302)…

Many tourists feel it is important that they experience the “real” cultural traditions of a visited community — not the simulated or “Disneyfied” experience…Host Communities, then, sometimes feel they have to present tourists with experiences that are exotic and appeal to tourists –sometimes requiring that they alter the reality of their everyday life.


Tourists can mistakenly believe they have seen the authentic culture — when in fact locals have altered their cultural traditions in order to please tourists — presenting what some scholars call Staged Authenticity.

What to do:

After reading the section in our text on the “Search for Authenticity” post and discuss, why you believe some communities alter their traditions to meet the needs of tourists visiting their communities. In addition, what do you feel this altered reality does to the tourists perception of the host community. Be sure to provide concrete examples to support your posts and comments.

No plagiarism please…

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