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What will be the condition of Fourier transform existence & stability of the system especially with an inclusion of jw axis in the ROC of s-plane?

a. Fourier transform exists but system is unstable.
b. Fourier transform does not exists due to system instability
c. Fourier transform exists & system is stable.
d. Fourier transform does not exist with stable system

Which of the following phenomena helps to determine the concentration and mobility of charge carriers?

a) Mass Action Law

b) Diffusion Current

c) Fermi-Level Effect

d) Hall Effect

Which of the following condition exists under the reverse saturation region?

a) Saturation current is greater than zero voltage current

b) Saturation current is exactly equal to terminal current

c) Saturation current is less than negative terminal current

d) Saturation current is nearly equal to negative terminal current

Common Base Amplification Factor refer to which of the below mentioned ratios?

a) Collector current to emitter current when Vcb is constant

b) Emitter to base current when Vce is constant

c)Collector to base current when Vee is constant

d)None of the above

Variation of silicon wafer thickness arises between which range of following mentioned values in the aspect of thin film technology?

a) 50 A to 50000 A

b) 500 A to 50000A

c) 0.5 A to 500A

d) Both a & b depending on the requirement of epitaxial chip thickness.

Undesired contamination of silicon surface in IC Fabrication process is prevented by ?

a) Diffusion

b) Epitaxy

c) Oxidation

d) Passivation

What is an indication of Routh- Hurwitz criteria if the characteristic equation consists of only odd powers of ‘s’ ?

a. Roots of characteristic equation are imaginary
b. Roots of characteristic equation are real
c. Both (a & b)
d. None.

Noise & ECG signals belongs to ______.

a. Energy Signals

b. Random signals

c. Multi-dimensional signals

d. Deterministic Signals

What will be the value of settling time if the final value is supposed to be 5% of desired value?

a. 2 times of time constant

b. 3 times of time constant

c. 4 times of time constant

d. 5 times of time constant

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