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Can Robots Replace Human Beings?
In the current era, technology has developed rapidly and has become more important in our daily lives. Every community is made up of great scholars who have the potential to develop their countries. Long ago, nobody could imagine that one day there could be machines that could handle problems better than human beings. In fact many thought that human beings were the most superior species of creature existing. Time has made it clear that evolution is inevitable. There have been massive developments in technology with various machines developed to emulate what human can do and even do it better. Robots are example of such kind of machines. Robots are applicable across many fields. Generally, they are applicable in healthcare, transportation and factories among other fields.
With more technological development of robots, there has been serious worry to human beings whether robots would stand a chance of replacing human beings. This has remain a hot topic of study over the past. Many technology proponents have had their views from two angles. Others feel that robots stand a clear chance of replacing human beings in the near future. On the other end, others feel that robots are man driven machines and stands no chance of replacing human beings. Those who view the idea positively argue that there are many benefits that can be associated with the robotic development. Similarly, others feel that robots have many associated disadvantages making it hard for them to emulate and replace human beings. Thus, it is important to digest both views and realize whether it will be possible for robots to replace human beings.
Well, ideally, robots have many associated benefits across the aforementioned fields. Let us begin with healthcare. Many technology proponents argue that robots play a big role in healthcare since robots are more accrete than human beings. They have the feeling that through medical robots, the patient recovery is quicker than the manual and traditional way. Health experts argue that “patient leave the hospital two to five days earlier than the patient who have had traditional surgery “. Further, the health experts argue that robot assisted surgery gives the surgeon a better control over the surgical instrument than the manual way. This makes it easier for the surgeons not to stand throughout the surgery period and hence do not get tired quickly. Further, robots do not make the same mistakes than humans make.
These capabilities gives the robots an upper hand over human services. However, other health proponents point out that robots can make informed decisions hence can be damaging in health operations. One of the major setback of using robots is the cost that the robot require to operate successfully in medical processes. The cost is thus more expensive then the manual way. Further, skillful, time-consuming and expensive training in needed to operate the robots. This makes it hard for the robots to overtake human beings in the field of healthcare.
The development of robots has also spread to the factories. Industrial robots are dominating most of the activities. Industrial robots have increased production, saved money and has created higher quality parts. In fact, industrial robots have improved labor productivity making manual labor les important. Further, industrial robots have also resulted into reduction in cycle time and floor space utilization. Similarly, the robots have created consistency in the production process. The cost of production has been massively reduced while the waste equally reduced.
These capabilities of the industrial robots have made factories require less manual labor and support. This has threatened the manual skills and support making many people lose their jobs and the factories level. Industrial managers and other industrial proponents have thus come out strongly to defend the need to keep off the robots and reduce the duties assigned to the robots. One of the major setbacks that these elites have pointed out at is the fact the robots still need manual monitoring and management to operate. They argue that robots can’t make informed decisions and despite the technology human labor will still be needed to operate the robots. Other people argue that robots reduce job opportunities existing in the factories.
Finally, robots have had mixed impacts in the field of transportation. Just like other fields, robots have brought mixed reactions in the field of transportation. Robots have taken a very important role in the air and in the ground. Automated or the robot driven cars have helped in reducing the time that people spend driving. Robots do not tire and do not sleep. Hence, once robot driven cars are adopted, less accidents can be experienced. Elsewhere, people have the feeling that the use of robots in transportation is expensive and cost a lot of money that many countries cannot afford. In conclusion, robots are becoming more popular and many organizations are seeking for the services of the robots. With the technology offering many capabilities and benefits, it is true to worry about the threats that it would cause to human beings. However, caution and measure need to be taken since robots are not perfect and may have associated disadvantages.
Annotated Bibliography
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Evidence Interpretation
“Patients who have had robot-assisted surgery leave the hospital two to five days earlier than the patients who have had traditional surgery (Rabbitt, Kazdin & Scassellati, 2015)”. This illustrates that robots are faster in medical operations than human beings.
“Each additional robot in the US economy reduces employment by 5.6 workers, and every robot that is added to the workforce per 1,000 human workers causes’ wages to drop by as much as 0.25 to 0.5 percent (Pearce, Mutlu, Shah & Radwin, 2018).” This means that robots are becoming more popular across many fields. They are threatening job opportunities something than means that with time, robots will replace human beings.

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