Sponsorship and Media

  • A possible question to focus on for the initial post has to do with athletes as heroes. Thinking about 1920-1950 did American culture and society need sport heroes? Why or why not? Or you can think of the question this way in a broad sense does our society have sports heroes? If so why?

this is the question and this an example of how do it :

Nowadays the world of sport is characterized by sponsorships, media and television; A sponsorship is simply a brand that want to be advertised, so it pays teams and single athletes to make them wear its brand during competitions (even those sponsored by something), and now every team or athlete has at least one. Back in the days though, competitions were just played and the only thing to appear on the gear was the name of the team. Why do we need sponsorships to compete? Also, how would it be, in your opinion, the sports’ world without any sponsorship?

We are always more influenced by television and since its begin in the 1950s we got to be lazier over the time, because watching TV took the place of sport and it became the pastime of people, probably just because you can easily be seated and do not need to make any effort. But because of it, television and mostly media control our brains somehow and they let us see and think whatever they want us to in terms of sports and not only. However, with the born of sporting television broadcasting, sport obviously became much more popular among people. How did we get to the point where we let us media play the most

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