Virtual Class Assignment

Part 1: As a follow-up to watching the online video lecture (Lesson 11 under Module Week 8), find a professional website that you think needs improvement (include the link). Prepare an evaluation concerning its usability, content, writing, etc., and suggest ways to overcome the problems you have identified. You need to include at least two concepts about good web writing from this lecture in your assessment, and also include some thoughts from the articles also listed under the Virtual Class module (found under Module 8). Use at least one quote from the articles and cite this quote correctly in-text. The first part of the critique should be 4-5 paragraphs in length. Part 2: Write your prediction on the future of online communication vs. printed communication. This should be 1-2 well-rounded paragraphs in length. *Please either upload a file for this assignment, or copy and paste this assignment into the text box (do not upload this text as a comment).

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