Well written two-page summary

Read information below and answer the following questions in a well written two-page summary.

  • Explain the cost implications of the California drought for the company to internal and external stakeholders. Be sure to include if and how you would communicate differently to the internal and external stakeholders.
  • Explain how you would apply communication strategies to resolve the issues among internal and external stakeholders with regard to how the drought is causing the cost implications.

Some events are well beyond the control of any business and can have a profound and long-lasting impact. The lengthy drought in California has been costly in many respects. Many businesses felt the impact of the drought immediately. However, businesses have not been able to identify all the associated costs, and they will continue to be discovered over a period of time.

For this Discussion, imagine that you are employed at one of three businesses that operate in California—each impacted by the drought:

  • Ace Pool Construction Company—a pool construction company serving a large metropolitan area of central California serving residential clients, apartment complexes, and Home Owners Associations.
  • So Call Logistics, LLC—a third-party logistics company that provides container transportation and warehousing facilities for companies that have products entering the United States from overseas. So Call Logistics has ready access to the busiest ports and airports in California.
  • Pivot Development Group, LLC—a commercial real estate company that specializes in mixed-use retail and office developments and grocery-anchored retail developments. The Pivot Group has renovated and/or developed 5,000,000 square feet in Northern California since they began in 1995.

Your director has asked you to explain to internal and external stakeholders the cost implications related to the drought.

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Select one of the three businesses.
  • Research the industry of the business you selected.
  • Research how the drought in California has impacted the industry of the business you selected.
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